Thanks for the followup. We enjoy your course immensely. The staff are so friendly and happy in their work. The pro is also happy in his work and always willing to help his customers or other staff if they are having a problem. You have no idea how much it means to us to be at a > club who actually want you there. ( ie we are Canadians and in Canada,I hate to say it,but that is not always the case.) The bar area is also well managed and washrooms are clean.

We have thoroughly enjoyed golfing at Westminster this year and look forward to a few more rounds before we head north. The atmosphere both in the pro shop and dining room have been very welcoming.

Thanks for the experience.

—Judi/John R.

I play plenty of golf in the area and I will tell you the course is in great shape


Hi Westminster! Thoroughly enjoy playing your course yesterday. Greens were a bit furry but a challenge none the less. Service could not have been better. Lunch afterwards was also excellent and reasonably priced.

Thank you for being there.

—Betty H.

Played yesterday and the course was in great shape and had an outstanding time. It was a little slow but not too bad. Overall great.

—John F.

I would like to congratulate you and the staff of Westminster. Friday 10th was my first time to play Westminster. I found the course conditions to be exceptionally good. Tee to green you compete with the finest courses in the area and are to be congratulated, especially these difficult financial times. Every encounter with any of your staff was delightful. Courteous, congenial, and helpful are unbeatable combination. For the sake of Westminster, I only wish that you could be located in an area more suited to a course of your quality. But, that is of course beyond your control and we can only wish that the economy will improve enough to develop the Leigh High area to a thriving community. Best wishes.

—Richard Bridwell

We thoroughly enjoyed the course. I am a 3 handicap, my wife and son are learning the game; Westminster allows me to play the back tees and also allows my wife and son to play the new forward tees; everyone had fun. We have a house in your area yet live in Canada.

—John T.

I questioned the Tee It Forward concept but being a beginner golfer I quickly enjoyed the senior ladies Tee It Forward tees. I have been a golfer only for about 6 months and was able to make a Par score on a Par 3 hole! It was very exciting and I find myself wanting to play the game more!

—Vickie M.